Participate in Jewelry Auctions Online at UpscaleWholesale to Shop at Unbelievable Prices

(PRWEB) April 04, 2014

UpscaleWholesale provides a highly reliable and customized auction platform which enables buyers to benefit from competitive prices on a wide range of products. Be it buying elegantly designed diamond jewelry, loose diamonds, rare art and coins or memorabilia, the company ensures best quality offerings.

One of the executives of the company said, Our exclusive auction site has become a favorite shopping destination for those who want to enjoy the best of everything at economical prices. In fact, we ensure that our clients need not go anywhere else to get exclusive diamonds, fine jewelry or exclusive art. We have some interesting categories like historical coins, Byzantine jewelry, rare paintings or printed arts of famous artists which turn out to be good investment opportunities too. People who love collecting premium items will find our website a solution for their quest for upscale stuff. is a premium online destination where buyers can shop for fashionable and high quality items at wholesale prices. The site offers its customers exclusive opportunity to bid for and purchase finest products at approximately wholesale prices. Different buying options are there so that clients can opt for live, timed or Buy-It-Now auctions.

The executive further added, We suggest visiting our site first to know in details about the auction process. You can start with a small item just in order to get acquainted with the entire process, before proceeding with the big purchase. Participating in limited period auctions is fun and saves you a lot of money as well.

The online stores vast collection deserves special mention. Wide variety of upscale merchandises are on offer which include diamonds, gems, gifts, collectible arts, memorabilia as well as a many other well known branded products. Click here to view fine online jewelry at wholesale prices. Customers can participate in live auctions and pick out the specific item immediately. Otherwise they can also participate in timed auction which takes place over few days. To participate in antiques, arts and jewelry auctions online, visit this site.

About UpscaleWholesale is an online auction store through which buyers can bid for wide range of merchandise. Its product category includes collectibles, sports items, celebrity memorabilia, jewelries, paintings and many other products of reputed brands. Customers can take part in live or timed auctions on a single or multiple products. They can sort items by time left, highest or lowest prices. To participate in the online auction of UpscaleWholescale, the buyer needs to register by filling up an online form. As visitors move through the site, they are likely to find an array of options that draws their interest. Click here to find loose diamonds for sale online. For cheap diamond earrings online, explore.

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Auction Treasures Abound in April at Michaan’s Auctions

Alameda, CA (PRWEB) April 04, 2013

The Fine Art Department presents a collectible range of works from American and European artists. Pieces include oil paintings, etchings, watercolors, lithographs, ink drawings and serigraphs. Featured in the April offerings is a serigraph on paper by Leroy Neiman titled McRorys Whiskey Bar (lot 047, $ 2,000-3,000). The scene depicts a packed bar full of revelers, merrily taking delight in the festivities of the pub. Neimans signature style is apparent as the use of bold, saturated colors further bring a palpable energy to the image. Wildly popular the world over for his lively and vibrant paintings of sporting events and leisure activities, his work has been revered by millions.

Paintings and sculptures of dogs popular at auctions, galleries, museums

Paintings and sculptures of dogs popular at auctions, galleries, museums
LOS ANGELES — Dogs seem to be as popular on a canvas these days as they are on a leash, with paintings of dogs drawing big bucks and big crowds. At the annual “dogs only” art auction held after the Westminster Dog Show, two price records were broken …
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Art With a Sustainable Solution: Deedee Morrison's Solar Light Sculpture, Seed
The solar sculpture artistically represents a seed pod coming out of a dormant state to form new life. Deedee Morrison created the 8-by-12 work of public art with inspiration from organic forms, particularly the drawings of Ernst Haeckel who discovered …
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